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[{"date":"2013","event":"Public Artwork Commission for Wellington\nAirport and Wellington City Council."},{"date":"2013","event":"First solo exhibition, MOCNA, Santa\nFe, USA."},{"date":"2013","event":"Received CNZ funding for solo artist\nexhibition, MOCNA, Santa Fe, USA."},{"date":"2012","event":"Artist Residency, Santa Fe Art\nResidency, USA."},{"date":"2010","event":"‘Unnerved, The New Zealand Project’,\nGOMMA, Queensland Gallery of Modern\nArt, and National Gallery of Victoria,\nMelbourne."},{"date":"2009","event":"‘Spyglass Field Recordings Vol.1’ – work\nfrom La Rongere Residency"},{"date":"2008","event":"Artist Residency, La Rongere France"},{"date":"2007","event":"‘Landfall of a Spectre’, Jonathan\nSmart Gallery"},{"date":"2006","event":"‘Phantasmagoria’, Jonathan Smart Gallery"},{"date":"2004","event":"Received CNZ funding for New Work"},{"date":"2004","event":"Artist Residency, Jam Factory, Adelaide"},{"date":"2003","event":"‘Te Puna O Ngai Tahu’, Christchurch Art\nGallery Te Puna O Waiwhetu"},{"date":"2000","event":"Post Grad Degree, Digital Video\nPost-Production"},{"date":"1997","event":"Received CNZ funding for ‘The Ballad of\nRichie Venus’, feature length doco."},{"date":"1997","event":"Graduated B.F.A"}]
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Artist working in video and other photo media. Assistant Curator at Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu. Pohio is an artist and curator drawing from the contemporary Maori paradigm, producing minimali cinematic installations and other photo media work. His work calls upon traditional and contemporary Maori experience and selected revisionist cinema histories. Pohio considers Jean Youngblood's notion of Expanded Cinema to inherently include first nations voices as the observation and science of optics, painting, photography that all led to the cinematic experience was developed over time and internationally. His recent research is leaning towards land as site of colonial and privatized contention as well as point of identity through his position of tangata whenua / people of the land and mana whenua / persons of kaitiaki / guardianship to a specified land area. Pohio considers this in relation to the complex and connected international condition of 21st C living.
Ngāi Tūāhuriri